Benefit Payments

The How Awards Are Granted

The final decision rests with the VA's St. Paul National office. This decision is based on the information provided by the applicant. The adjudication staff makes the initial decision, which is then sent to the Rating Board for final approval. Once approved, a request is sent to the US Treasury to begin monthly payments.

Receiving Your Benefit

Pension benefits are paid directly to the applicant by the United States Treasury. These funds are paid monthly, either by direct deposit or mailed as a paper check.

To ensure that applicants remain eligible for benefits, the Veterans Administration sends out an annual Eligibility Verification Report (EVR). The EVR contains much of the information provided on the original application, however its purpose is to determine if the applicant's income and expenses have significantly changed over the previous 12 months.

If such changes have occurred (for example, the sale of a home and conversion of fixed assets to liquid assets). the VA will probably discontinue the benefit. It is vitally important that any change in expense and income status be communicated to your Senior Veteran Advocate to prevent the loss of your benefit.

Timeliness of Content

Because of the complexity of applicable VA statutes, regulations, and internal claim development issues, it is impossible to keep this Website fully updated at all times. Therefore, we cannot take responsibility for the current accuracy of the information presented here. For the most updated information, please contact a Senior Veterans Advocate.

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